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Christopher. S. Sellers is Australia’s leading Expert on Creativity + Creative Skill Sets . Author . Speaker . Consultant .

We all want to think creatively, but what does that mean exactly?

Let’s take a step back to make some objective observations.

Unique to creativity is the ability to observe the same information, within the same parameters and draw out a unique outcome.

This is where original ideas come from; they are, by definition, atypical to the standard.

This creative trait, when applied to data, strategy and other complex conditions, is…

With CREATIVE skill sets a priority for leading organisations, a common concern is how to effectively manage this process. In the need to adapt, develop atypical solutions or original ideas, how can you facilitate CREATIVE process for yourself or your team?

This is particularly relevant to the concept of PLAY

A sneak peek into the current chapter I’m writing on APPLIED CREATIVITY as a model driving optimal practice.

Imagine you are primal man, living in a village on a tropical island.

On your daily scavenge for food, you observe a cast of crabs scuttling across the white beach sands; larger…

The Story…

London, 2007, I was employed by a Private Members Club and Hospitality Group as their Barista Trainer across their twelve venues around the UK — it was an ideal role for me — I love to teach, I could travel and thoroughly enjoyed working with new people.

About a month…

A REACTION is not a SOLUTION: Why we can’t rely on the new normal.

Image: Krisna IvUnsplash

In our professional lives, time is a commodity.
A priority for most organisations in relation to time is: Productivity.
It is worth examining this term.

The etymology of productive is rooted in the Latin: Producere —…

How Studies of Innovation Misinterpret Creativity.

Creativity and innovation are hot topics right now with many academics rushing forward to present their most recent breakthrough observations.

However, whether it’s tech start-ups, fin-techs, engineering or design, their findings by-and-large, sound like this…

“We observed over 100 innovative companies and this is what we found”…

Forbes — “Innovation…

Image credit: Jessica Lewis — Unsplash

Adopting a creative mindset lends itself to innovative thinking and allows us to anticipate, and prepare, for future trends, based off more than one source or particular industry.

It allows us to speculate “what if”?
It allows us to envision passed the end of a process:
“In the linear process…

Image credit: Nordwood — Unsplash

In crises (like COVID 19) an unfortunate side-effect of ‘experts’ are the explosion of echo chambers; a reminder that advice which is popular is not necessarily true.

For example: if you’re a Baker, suffering a baking crisis — while there may be comfort in discussing your options with other Bakers — it is unlikely you will find a solution to your baking crisis within this group.


Because Bakers will think, act and run businesses like Bakers.

Image: Aldric Rivat — Unsplash

Earlier last year, I was working with a tech start-up, similar to an Uber Eats app.

At the time the app was largely based around a shift work model, kind of a job posting platform — Stores who required delivery couriers could access the app to create shifts — the…

I’ve been asked to speak on this and I won’t.
Instead I’ll write and try to keep it brief.

When examining any kind of problem, particularly something as complicated as systemic racism, it’s imperative to first establish the context within which these issues arise.

For all intents and purposes, I…

Christopher. S. Sellers

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