With CREATIVE skill sets a priority for leading organisations, a common concern is how to effectively manage this process. In the need to adapt, develop atypical solutions or original ideas, how can you facilitate CREATIVE process for yourself or your team?

This is particularly relevant to the concept of PLAY; exploration without attachment to outcome.

photo: tina floersch
photo: tina floersch

The act of PLAY, familiar to Artists and Creatives, has crossed over to become a pedagogical term: we observe it in children, doodling with crayons or creating social games… hence PLAY has become translated within certain industries as ‘gamification’.

This PLAY — this process of…

A sneak peek into the current chapter I’m writing on APPLIED CREATIVITY as a model driving optimal practice.

Imagine you are primal man, living in a village on a tropical island.

On your daily scavenge for food, you observe a cast of crabs scuttling across the white beach sands; larger than your usual crustacean, these crabs scale the nearby palm trees and proceed to knock down the rather large, heavy seeds… coconuts.

With two front pincers the size of your forearms, these crabs hug the coconuts and with a satisfying ‘crunch’… begin peeling off the husk to feast on the…

When it comes to creative problem solving, we often rush to quantify the cost of an initiative… but what is the cost of not being open to creative or lateral solutions?

This case study is one of my first attempts to creatively problem solve for a national organisation… whether they liked it or not.

The Story…

Early 2000’s when I was living in London, employed by an upscale Hospitality group as their Barista Trainer for their twelve venues around the UK.

I really enjoyed the role, it had a decent salary, I travelled a bit and I thoroughly enjoy training.

About a…

In four easy steps, I am going to show you how to creatively problem solve anything, professionally or personally, in any field you are in.

Let’s start with an analogy…

It’s 7am in the morning, you’re at home and you need to be in the office by 9am.

Let’s say after a shower, b’fast, coffee and clothes, it’s 8am and you’re ready to leave… all of a sudden there’s some kind of crises and you cannot travel to work in the same way as you normally would.

Either your car breaks down, there are no buses or trains, your bicycle…

I don’t think anyone sets out to become an expert on anything.
I know I didn’t.
I dropped out of Uni to run my Masters Kung Fu school.

The school was in the middle of town, I lived on the second floor with my best friend and we trained upstairs on the third floor.

It was like something out of a movie; training every day, swimming in the afternoons, teaching in the evenings and hanging out in town where we were known, liked and respected. …

A REACTION is not a SOLUTION: Why we can’t rely on the new normal.

Image: Krisna IvUnsplash

In our professional lives, time is a commodity.
A priority for most organisations in relation to time is: Productivity.
It is worth examining this term.

The etymology of productive is rooted in the Latin: Producere — Product (brought forth) — Productivus, and evolved to the French: Productif-ive. English: Produce, respectively.

Circa. 1727, the term productiveness, was in common use, until (1809) productivity: “the quality of being productive” was later adopted as an economic term to mean: “rate of output per unit” (1899).

It should be no…

How Studies of Innovation Misinterpret Creativity.

Creativity and innovation are hot topics right now with many academics rushing forward to present their most recent breakthrough observations.

However, whether it’s tech start-ups, fin-techs, engineering or design, their findings by-and-large, sound like this…

“We observed over 100 innovative companies and this is what we found”…

Forbes — “Innovation is engaged in the ‘bigger picture’, issues outside your walls, creating human behaviour change.”

Harvard Business Review — “(they) challenge invisible orthodoxies”.

Eloops — “Encourage Work Place Games and Activities”.

While the jargon sounds attractive and “classically creative”… it is generic, misguided and paints a cliché picture of what Creativity…

Image credit: Jessica Lewis — Unsplash

Adopting a creative mindset lends itself to innovative thinking and allows us to anticipate, and prepare, for future trends, based off more than one source or particular industry.

It allows us to speculate “what if”?
It allows us to envision passed the end of a process:
“In the linear process of A to B what comes after Z?
Do we start again or could there be more letters”?

Here is a key prediction that will affect the majority of industries for the next 50 years (and accelerated by current climates such as COVID-19).

Decentralisation of services will be the trend for the next 50 years.

Here is a quick list of some…

Image credit: Nordwood — Unsplash

In crises (like COVID 19) an unfortunate side-effect of ‘experts’ are the explosion of echo chambers; a reminder that advice which is popular is not necessarily true.

For example: if you’re a Baker, suffering a baking crisis — while there may be comfort in discussing your options with other Bakers — it is unlikely you will find a solution to your baking crisis within this group.


Because Bakers will think, act and run businesses like Bakers.

Your fears, opinions and behaviour are validated and enforced by other Bakers, which can be detrimental in times (like this) when the baking industry is impacted by circumstances beyond the baking world and that you did not (could not) foresee.

Circumstances like these are known as ‘Black Swan’ anomalies.


Image: Aldric Rivat — Unsplash

Earlier last year, I was working with a tech start-up, similar to an Uber Eats app.

At the time the app was largely based around a shift work model, kind of a job posting platform — Stores who required delivery couriers could access the app to create shifts — the couriers who had their own account could apply for the shifts — the stores would confirm the couriers they needed.
Stores gained access to a fluid talent pool and Couriers had access to shift work.

At the time of my hiring, the company wanted to move towards a more fluid…

Christopher. S. Sellers

Christopher. S. Sellers is an Expert on Creativity + Innovation, specialising in optimal creative skill sets. Learn more @ cssellers.com

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